Monday, December 31, 2012

The Bad News Is, Time Flies.........

......... the good news is, you're the pilot."    
- Michael Altshuler

A big thank you to all of you for being fabulous passengers on my flight through 2012.  Wishing each of you the brightest and best in 2013.  

I had planned to post a year-end review of my stitching but instead of looking into the past (you can check out my WIPs in the tabs above!).... I'd rather focus a bit on the future!

What great things do you have planned for the new year?  As per my modus operandi, I've resolved to eat healthier and exercise!   Let's see if I can hold out longer than I usually do before this resolution falls apart!  :)

What else.....  putting some plans together to try to get our family moved from Florida to Utah...back where I grew up and where my family still lives.   Maybe we can do it in 2013!!!

Can't forget....I also have some ideas of stitching goals for the new year.  Not so much finishes (because they're all such big projects!) but more of what I want to start and how much I want to get done.   I've updated my rotation plan.... I'm working on each piece for 5 days.  I tried this out starting in November and I really like it, so I'm sticking to it!

Anyhow....this was meant to be a short post (yeah, right, lesli!).......  again...thank you for your support this year....looking forward to the next!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

***hangs her head in shame*** (IHSW post, too)

I can't believe it's been almost a MONTH since my last post!!  

I feel so horrible for leaving all of you hanging!!     After Thanksgiving I was out of town for a week for work and then I've just been busy with the, kids, family, holiday shopping....and stitching....sigh...I'm sorry!!

Obviously I've missed the last few TUSAL and WIPocalypse I'm just going to plan to do a New Year's shabang and post a review of everything!!

But....I did manage to take part in the IHSW this past that's what I'll be sharing for today:

TamLin Before:

And After (almost finished the half page!):

I also started a new piece on Sunday - Paradise Found by Janelle Nichol, designed by Heaven and Earth Designs.   Here is one day of stitching:

Here's a picture of what the finished piece will look like (in 20 years):

I'd like to wish everyone an incredibly wonderful holiday and Christmas!!   I hope everyone gets to enjoy time with their family and friends. :)

I promise I'll be back at the end of this year for an official final 2012 post.    I soooo promise!


Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Ok..I've seriously become a blogging SLACKER!!   

I'm combining a little of this and a little of that in this post...because I'm late on my postings!  (knowing me, I'll miss the date for WIPocalypse again and post November's in December!)

Warning - Lots of pictures....this is what happens when my lazy butt only posts about once or twice a month!!

November Thanksgiving TUSAL:

November IHSW:

Before the weeekend, my QS Dream of Dahlia by Heaven and Earth Designs

After the weekend:  Finished! :)  This is stitched on Brandied Apple dyed fabric from Silkweaver Fabrics.  Had to get this one done so I had time to have it framed and shipped for a Christmas gift.

Other Updates:

Before IHSW, I was able to finish another one of my pieces, Blue Lanterns.  This is also going to be a Christmas gift:

I am SOOO happy with myself that I made my Christmas gift goals this year!   Now I can focus on ME ME ME stitching!  :)

I also wanted to share my "secret stitching" from last month.

 I stitched and finished this little needlework travel kit for Ewa using the beautiful silk floss she sent me.  Here's some pictures:

the Front

the Back

and the Middle! :) 

I think Ewa and I are in a gifting war...which is WONDERFUL!  And...we shall see who wins! 

She soon followed the receiving of this gift with RAKing me this fantabulous HAED chart, Paradise Found by Janelle Nichol:

I've already purchased all the floss and put  my order in for some Magic Guide.....I plan to start this baby SOON!    It's so different from anything I've stitched and I love love love the colors!!

I was also recently gifted the adorable QS Dragonflies also from HAED by Ching-Chou Kuik.  A generous stitcher from FB, Margo, sent it to me.:

With the stash I've developed from my new found love of dyed fabric, I'm very sure I have something perfect to stitch this piece on!

For those of us in the US....WHO'S READY FOR BLACK FRIDAY!?  I'm ready!! 

I've taken the day off from work and I have my stitching ready for me to sit and enjoy all day while the crazy shopping takes place without me!!    I do plan to do some online shopping, because of some dyed fabric sales <sigh, addict addict addict>  and some stocking stuffers for the family.

As always, a huge thank you to all of you that take the time out of your day to read my LONG posts!! 

This has been a wonderful, wonderful stitching year for me, and I couldn't have enjoyed it like I have without all of your support!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Why yes, I am posting my October WIPocalypse update in November!   What's the saying...better late than never!?

Before I post all my progress I wanted to share a beautiful little design I started recently from By the Bay Needleart.   They started a Fall Mystery SAL at the beginning of October, which came in 4 parts.

Here is my progress on parts 1 and 2:

All of the floss is from Nancy at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe (except the white) and the fabric came from a multi-pack/grab bag from

This has stitched up quickly, so I hope to find little bits of time here and there and finish it before the year ends.

Now, onto my lateness.......  My WIPocalypse update!

Cathedral Before: 

Cathedral Now:

New Starts for October:

QS Seasons 2:

QS Dream of Dahlia:

Middle Earth Large:

I can't believe it's already November!!   I have so much to do to get ready for the holidays  :( 

I hope everyone out there is safe from Sandy, I've read some updates on blogs of those in the areas that were hit...thankfully they're all well.

I'll catch up on blogs through today, when I can!! 


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hermitting..... and stashing....

I didn't think I'd get a chance to hermit much this past weekend because we had a ton going on.  My son had a karate clinic that was out of town on Saturday (but I sat and stitched while I was there!) and then a birthday skating party he attended on Sunday (I did not sit and stitch while I was there!).

I worked on 2 pieces, the first was Cathedral.  I started my weekend on the bottom half of page 4:

I was able to finish the page!   Here's a picture of all 4 pages:

I was also able to work on a piece that I'll be giving as a Christmas gift, so I'm only giving you a sneak peek:

This was my first use of silks, courtesy of Ewa I'm so loving silk!   The stitching part is finished, now I just need to decide how I'm going to put it together for the gift.   I'll post a picture of the finished product after the holidays.

I'm also so VERY happy to share some images of charts I was recently RAKd/given.   I've said it before and I'm sure I'll just keep saying it...but stitchers know how to spoil each other!!

A wonderful lady that I've met via FB, Karen, sent me QS Elfland Sleeping Fairy.  I just love how all the golden hues and greens meld together...and my favorite is the little lizard in the bottom corner and the flower with the blue center!

I also signed up with some FB fellow stitchers for an October RAK event, partially to help sales for Heaven and Earth Designs, but mostly because it's FUN!!   You are given the name of a participant to send a chart to, and then someone else is given your name (sort of like secret santa).  Kathy from the group sent me these two GORGEOUS charts from my wishlist:

Dragonfly Cottage - I love the watercolors of this piece...and who doesn't love dragonflies?

and Changing Seasons - Fall is my favorite season and I love the colors of the trees with the beautiful green of her dress

I don't know how I'm going to keep from starting all of these beauties!!   I need more than 24 hours in a day so I can work on all my charts!!

Finally....I just want to share that....the Lord of the Rings SAL that I'm participating in is starting in TWO  One and a half Days!!   I am SOOOOO EXCITED to start my Middle Earth Map!!

Thank you, as always...for stopping by and reading through my updates!  I just adore all of you!!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Totally Useless......

That's is TUSAL time!  

My October-themed TUSAL jar:

Not too shabby if I say so myself!   I feel like I've been productive!

In other news.... I've been stressing out over my WIPs!   I keep starting new pieces and new my original rotation plans are shot.  A few of the new stitch-a-longs that I'm in run by time versus finishing a page (which I'm used to), so I've taken a shot at coming up with a plan that fits both timed stitching and finishing pages.  I think WIP planning is tougher than rocket science!!

I've also decided to put a few pieces on hold, which you'll see on my On Hold tab.   Once I get caught up on some other items, I'll put these back into rotation (I think!).
I've posted my updated plans in the right side bar (I left what I've finished so far this year and will delete those once 2012 is over). 

Now, I know I mentioned some new pieces I've's some pics!

QS Seasons 2 - I met a wonderful stitcher, Michelle, on the HAED FB Groups and she RAKd this chart to me a few months ago.  We decided it would be fun to stitch it together as a SAL, which we work on the first week of each month.   Here's my progress from our first week, in October:

Also, I purchased my first hand-dyed fabric from Silkweavers a bit ago, and once I recieved them I just had to get some floss in one of them!   I started QS Dream of Dahlia and here is my progress after 1 day:

I'll take a better picture for her next you can see the gorgeous fabric better!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

"The board is set, the pieces are moving......

............. We come to it at last, the great battle of our time.”Gandalf

It's a Lord of the Rings SAL (stitch a long) !!!

Kim of Scully's Cross Stitching spoiled me with a RAK of the hugely gorgeous chart, Middle Earth by Heaven and Earth Designs.  

This chart was re-released in a larger format, to show the details of the map clearer. 

And for an early HAED All Hallows Exchange, Samira from Facebook RAKd me the beautimous The Eternal Promise by Matt Stewart

This chart is also a re-release of the chart that was previously retired.  Michele updated it and it is a bit larger than the original.

The ever so fantastic, Ewa from Cross Stitch and other Musings had the brilliant idea of having a Lord of the Rings SAL!  

We plan to begin on October 25th, as this is the day that Frodo decided to begin his journey of taking the ring to Mordor. 

Anyone is welcome to join us!!  Any HAED LotR themed chart counts (Middle Earth, Eternal Promise, Burden, Gandalf at Bag End...etc...and I see that The Lady of the Mirror was JUST charted!)

No set rules!  I plan to stitch for 5 days, beginning on the 25th of each month.  You can stitch on just the 25th, rotate every week...whatever you like!  Post your updates on your blog site, and/or the HAED Facebook groups. get everything ready to start!


Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Blogaversary Winner!

WOW!!!   I loved all the wonderful comments everyone left for my Blogaversary!  THANK YOU!!  You are all so generous and I appreciate your thoughtfulness :)    The online community of stitchers is amazing, isn't it!?

Here is a full list of everyone that was entered into the drawing:

And......the winner is....(via Random#Generator).....


Your $50 gift certificate to 1-2-3 Stitch is on it's way!

Rachel has a wondeful blog, full of gorgeous stitching!  Check it out here:   TimRachel's Blog

Thank you again to everyone for your kind comments!   Here's to another year!!


Sunday, September 30, 2012

September WIPocalypse

I'm a little late...but hey...that's the story of my life! :)

Thanks to everyone that wished me well during this darn cold....and yes...I still have it!   At this point I may be going for the World Record for longest cold, or possibly the most nose blowing!

Some quick pics of my WIPocalypse progress this past month  (I say quick, but after I loaded them all I was pleasantly surprised by how much progress I made these last 30 days!):

Lanterns Before:

and After:

Blue Moon Before:

and After:

Blue Butterly Before:

and After:

Moonlight Immersion Before:

and After:

Around the World Before:

and After:

Looking forward to checking out everyone's progress as well!


Monday, September 17, 2012

September TUSAL and September IHSW

My September TUSAL:

My jar is actually more full than I had expected!  Mostly within the past few weeks, as I've been sick and haven't done much besides lay around in bed and stitch!  (no complaining on my end...I've been loving it!)

When I went to grab my ORT jar for the picture, my daughter's Lil' Pony was on the same table...she likes to put her own "pretties" in there then bring it to me to see her handi-work.   The fabric everything is sitting on is something I bought to work on a Christmas stitchy gift.  We'll see if I ever get around to it!

And my September IHSW:

I chose to work on my Lanterns piece.   My goal is to have all but the back stitching on this done before the end of this month! (yeah right, lesli!)

Before the weekend

After the weekend

As I shared earlier, I've been sick for the past couple of weeks.  I can't seem to shake this thing!  So it absolutely made my dreary day when I received an email from Kate letting me know I won a $25 gift certificate to for her Blogaversary!   

Visit her adorable site here:   Momuboocrea Island  and if you scroll through her posts to the one on 09/11/2012 you can listen to her cute audio blog!

This also reminds me...don't forget to enter my Blogaversary contest as well...just click here!  

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend full of family, fun and stitching!  I'm off to check out all your updates!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's a Partayyyy!

Seriously do you spell the dang word...Blogeversary, Blogaversary....Blogiversary?  Surely someone must know .....even WIKIPEDIA didn't have it <gasp!>

Enough rambling....let's get to the good stuff!

October 2nd is the 1 year anniversary of my blog-adventure!  If you're bored and would like to check out my first post....wander on over here   (it's boring...not a single picture...what was I thinking?)

I thought long and hard and soft and short....... and at first I was going to go through my humongous stash of goodies...then I was going to do some shopping...but instead what I decided was to get someone what THEY'D like..... so for my 1 year celebration I'll be giving away a $50 gift certificate/card to anywhere that offers them! 

Winner receives a gift certificate/card of their choice!  Some ideas might be:

 long as I can buy a gift card or certificate from a store (they have to accept US dollars...but they all do, don't they?) can choose it!

The usual rules....
  • Be a follower
  • Post a comment
  • Please include your email
  • Please include the store you choose, if you don't choose one...I'll choose one! :)
All entries will be given a number and the winner chosen by my good ole' number generator.

Drawing will end at midnight EST on Friday, October 5th (I one year is on the 2nd, but that's the middle of the week...and this gives folks more time to enter!)

Winner will be announced sometime on Saturday!

Good luck...and thanks for hanging in there with me for the past year!