Getting everything ready to start my first HAED  (Heaven and Earth Designs)!!!!!

After spending night after night after night drooling over all my choices, my husband helped me decide on Cathedral by Jonathon Earl Bowser

Here's an image of what we chose:

While I'm working on my Angel of Hope, I'll be getting my fabric ready with grid-lines for this project.  I also need to sort through all my threads and get them cut and labeled.

I'm also considering starting a smaller HAED project just after starting this.  I've never had more than one major WIP at a time, but I know this one will be a long journey so I'd like to work on other pieces along the way as well.

11/08/2011 - Finally have all my floss!!  It took some time because there were some colors I couldn't find anywhere.

Does this look like over 100 skeins of floss?

I've only gridded 2 border lines.....this thing is huge!
I have it clipped from the top of a closet door, that's how gigantic this thing is!

12/26/2011 - First few pages are gridded and the floss is cut and ready to go!  Can't decide if I should be patient and grid the entire piece out or just dive in and start stitching!

12/28/2011 - My little start

12/30/2011- Confetti-central!

01/01/2012 - Officially working in the new year!!

01/02/2012 - A block of camo?

01/19/2012 - Page 1 is complete!!  Only 41 more pages left  :)

04/18/2012-  Well, hello page 2!

Here is a full picture...this thing is HUGE!   (lighting was bad, but you get the idea!)
Only....40 more pages left! 

07/23/2012-  Upper half of page 3

07/26/2012-  Page 3 almost done!

08/23/2012-  Page 3

10/20/2012-  Page 4

12/25/2012-  My new rotation plan started, so won't have full page finishes at a time anymore.  This takes me to 43 days total working on this piece!

01/21/2012- Update from after my January IHSW: