Thursday, July 26, 2012

New "Olympic" Start

A fellow stitcher on the HAED BB shared that it was a tradition of hers to start a new piece for the Olympics.  I thought this was a brilliant idea!   Who doesn't love a new start!?  and this way, I have 4 years to finish until the next one comes around.

There are quite a few of us from some HAED Facebook groups that caught onto the idea and will be starting something new tomorrow.

This works perfectly with the fact that I'm also about to go on VACATION!!   So I'll take my new start along with me.

My new piece is the beautiful chart that Michele of HAED gifted to me....Tamlin.  I have all my floss kitted up and my fabric is mostly ready to go (need to add some gridding).

I know I've already posted pictures of it....but I can't help myself from posting them again because I think it is sublime!

This piece is made up of 3 seperate images and the chart has them all together as one.  I will be stitching them seperately, as I think I'll enjoy having them framed seperately a bit better.   There are better images of it in my last post, if you want to see them close up! 

I had high hopes of finishing page 3 of Cathedral before the Olympics began, but I just wasn't able to get enough time in to make my deadline :(

Here's my progress:

I've really enjoyed this page....the lighter colors of the branches in the sunlight are starting to begin.   I'll finish this page up when I get back.

This has been a super busy week for me...trying to tie up loose ends for work to ensure nothing blows up while I'm gone, trying to get some stitching time in and getting everything ready for our trip.   So what an absolute delight it was when the beautiful Liz (also known as Radidragon on the HAED BB) RAKd me this breathtaking gem:

This is Knock at the Door by Aimee Stewart.   The day it was released I fell in love with it.

Now...what you also need to know about this chart is it's the biggest one on the site.   It is 875 stitches by 875 stitches.   EIGHT HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE! :)   

That is 765,625 little x's!   On 25 count fabric that measures to be a 35 inch x 35 inch beauty (not counting any border)!   I can only hope I can find fabric that is big enough!! 

My plan is to power through as many of my WIPs until December, and make this my year end shabang of a start!   I say this is my plan, because knowing my will power, it will end up being a new start much sooner than that.

So I'm off for my vacation on Saturday, and will most likely have to have a late WIPocalypse post.   I'll jump online to catch up on everyone's blogs and progress whenever I can!

So in the words of the Terminator.......  I'll Be Back!


Monday, July 23, 2012

July IHSW and a Giftie

My IHSW time was incredibly tiny this month!   Hubs and I spent Saturday helping friends pack and move...I was so worn out at night that I barely got any stitching done!  Sunday was spent shopping .....and getting a pedicure (pedi vs. was a difficult decision!)

I did get some time in, working on Cathedral -

Before the weekend:
After the weekend:

This is the top half of page 3...hopefully I can finish it off this week!

Now for the "Giftie" part of my title!

Friday after work I was catching up on emails and I noticed I had recieved one from Michele, the owner of Heaven and Earth Designs.  It was titled, "Giftie".    I opened it up and I just know I had a HUGE grin on my face at that moment......She had gifted me a chart I have been drooling over, Tamlin by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law (SPML).  Michele gifted quite a few folks charts in the last little while....she is such an awe-inspiring woman!

Here's a picture of the chart:

Now the image of the chart doesn't do the artwork justice, because it's so here are pictures of the 3 images that make up this chart, from SPML's site.

The first image on the left is called The Rose:

The middle image is called The Faery Host:

And the last image is called The Knight:

"Tam Lin is about a young man who is the captive of the faeries, and the young woman who rescues him. The main character, depending on your viewpoint, is either the young woman, who becomes pregnant by her enchanted lover and must rescue him before the faeries can sacrifice him, or the young man who had been living with the faeries and wishes to escape to live in the human world. The story deals with transformations, courage, and the relationship between the faeries and the mortals" -

There are so many 'versions' of the story you can well as folksongs.  SPML refers to version Child 39A on her site, and it is such an interesting story/ballad to read!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend ....spent with friends, family and some floss!   :)


Thursday, July 19, 2012

July TUSAL and Eleven Late Questions

My July TUSAL:

So you're thinking, "what in the world is her ORT jar sitting next to?"

My husband started on this, I LOVE Sweet Potatoes kick.....only he buys more than he eats and they end up sitting in my pantry sprouting leaves.  I've planted two in pots outside and these three are sitting in a bowl of water on my kitchen bar, growing vines all over everything!

Earlier this month the lovely Meari of Meari's Musings posted her 11 questions she was asked and then tagged 11 people with 11 new questions!  She tagged me!!

I've been busy busy and haven't had a chance to post my answers to her questions, so here they are!

  1. Do you have a SABLE (stash acquisition beyond life expectancy) situation?  Absolutely, and then some!!  One day I'll move into my dream home where I'll have my own mommy-cave to fit everything into!
  2. What is the most favorite vacation you’ve been on?  So it probably sounds boring...but I love when I get to go back home to Utah to visit family and friends.   I get to sit around at my parent's house and relax while they have their time with the kids.  I also get to visit with everyone and just enjoy life.
  3. Have you ever entered your stitching in a competition?  I personally have not, but last year my sister in law entered a piece I stitched for my father in law into the fair, and it won the Grand Prize!  It was such a thoughtful act on her part  :)
  4. Cat or Dog?  I love both, and I've owned both, but currently we have a cat.  Mr. Fatty Pants.  I'll post a pic of him at the end of the questions!
  5. Have you taught anyone how to stitch?  I have!  My son, Sebastian.   He's been watching me for years and kept asking if he could try.  Bought him some 11 count and he made himself a bookmark!
  6. What is/are your favorite TV show(s)? Oh I could go on and on and on with this one!  But my top favorites are:  Bones, NCIS, Suits and CSI
  7. What is your favorite stitching tool? My "unpicking" tool!  Mostly because, it's super sharp and when I do have to frog, I get it done pretty quickly!  (this doesn't mean I don't love all my tools, because I couldn't get anyting else done without all of them either!)
  8. What brands of floss have you used?  I've only ever used DMC, I don't even know that I've seen anything else at the stores I go to!  Of course, any of the charts I finished that were pre-kitted, I have no idea what brand floss they use!
  9. Are you adventurous when it comes to trying new foods?  Mostly!?   I draw the line at strange parts of animals    :)
  10. Do you like kits or do you like kitting up your own?  Kitting up my own, baby!  I think it's theraputic!
  11. If you could do anything for a day, what would it be?   Why....STITCH ALL DAY of course!   Though, spending all day with my family would really come first.......on most days :)

So really I'm supposed to come up with 11 new questions and tag 11 new people...but I can't narrow it down to 11 people, I love so many of you in my blog-world!   So instead (and I'm stealing this shamelessly from Ewa at Cross Stitch and Other Musings)  pick one of the questions I answered above from Meari and post an answer in my comments!

I am so hoping to take part in IHSW this weekend!  My stitching time has really decreased all month due to work......but here's hoping! 

And last but not least......

Mr. Fatty Pants

Happy Stitchy-itching!


Thursday, July 5, 2012

July WIPocalypse

First off...I'd like to thank everyone that replied to my last post!  I've been so behind I haven't had a chance to respond to everyone.   I had a wonderful business trip to Charlotte....but I got ZERO stitching done (not a big surprise though, right?)  

My big project at work is picking up pace and I've been busy busy my blog posts will probably slow down a bit  :(    I'm still trying to get a little stitching in every day, but nothing like I've been used to!! WIPocalypse update....

I have a HAED piece I'm working on for a dear friend of mine, but she visits my blog so I'm not posting any pictures.  I'm currently about half way done, hoping to finish it before the next WIPocalypse update!  

Other than that WIP, here are my other updates (with a before and after pic)!

Moonlight Immersion



Blue Moon






Around the World



Hoping to get a little bit of time today to catch up on blogs.....I feel horrible not getting to keep up on everyone's progress like I have been!   Looking forward to my work project slowing down...though that probably won't be for a few months.  :(

Hope everyone had a wonderful and save 4th of July!   Happy Summer stitching everyone!!