Thursday, July 26, 2012

New "Olympic" Start

A fellow stitcher on the HAED BB shared that it was a tradition of hers to start a new piece for the Olympics.  I thought this was a brilliant idea!   Who doesn't love a new start!?  and this way, I have 4 years to finish until the next one comes around.

There are quite a few of us from some HAED Facebook groups that caught onto the idea and will be starting something new tomorrow.

This works perfectly with the fact that I'm also about to go on VACATION!!   So I'll take my new start along with me.

My new piece is the beautiful chart that Michele of HAED gifted to me....Tamlin.  I have all my floss kitted up and my fabric is mostly ready to go (need to add some gridding).

I know I've already posted pictures of it....but I can't help myself from posting them again because I think it is sublime!

This piece is made up of 3 seperate images and the chart has them all together as one.  I will be stitching them seperately, as I think I'll enjoy having them framed seperately a bit better.   There are better images of it in my last post, if you want to see them close up! 

I had high hopes of finishing page 3 of Cathedral before the Olympics began, but I just wasn't able to get enough time in to make my deadline :(

Here's my progress:

I've really enjoyed this page....the lighter colors of the branches in the sunlight are starting to begin.   I'll finish this page up when I get back.

This has been a super busy week for me...trying to tie up loose ends for work to ensure nothing blows up while I'm gone, trying to get some stitching time in and getting everything ready for our trip.   So what an absolute delight it was when the beautiful Liz (also known as Radidragon on the HAED BB) RAKd me this breathtaking gem:

This is Knock at the Door by Aimee Stewart.   The day it was released I fell in love with it.

Now...what you also need to know about this chart is it's the biggest one on the site.   It is 875 stitches by 875 stitches.   EIGHT HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE! :)   

That is 765,625 little x's!   On 25 count fabric that measures to be a 35 inch x 35 inch beauty (not counting any border)!   I can only hope I can find fabric that is big enough!! 

My plan is to power through as many of my WIPs until December, and make this my year end shabang of a start!   I say this is my plan, because knowing my will power, it will end up being a new start much sooner than that.

So I'm off for my vacation on Saturday, and will most likely have to have a late WIPocalypse post.   I'll jump online to catch up on everyone's blogs and progress whenever I can!

So in the words of the Terminator.......  I'll Be Back!



Anonymous said...

beautiful blog you have, love your stitches

Monique said...

Enjoy the holiday and hope it has a lot of good stitching time in there.

Lesleyanne said...

Have a fantastic vacation my friend. Look forward to seeing your progress on your new Olympic new start. Who knows I might join in if I get my new spangler and threads I've ordered lol. Your new chart is gorgeous.

Sally said...

Your new start looks like it will be lovely.
Your wip is looking great!
What a lovely RAK!
Have a great holiday.

Valma said...

Have a great holiday sweet terminator =D
A project over 4 years, I would be too impatient...
but the chart worth it and I'm impatient to see it stitched by you
big hugs

Pull the other thread said...

Oh yay. I can't wait to see your start. I LOVE SPML charts.Your progress on Cathedral is wonderful, it's really coming together. Is the tree confetti very time consuming?

cucki said...

Have a lovely holiday time ..
Great progress and a beautiful new chart :)
I am so happy for you ..happy stitching xxx

nikkin said...

Cathedral looks great, can't wait to see your new start! I love the idea of framing the sections separate, that way you can finish a section at a time. I didn't realize the one by Aimee Stewart was sooo big, cause I love it too!


Melinda said...

875 x 875 - that is crazy. I love the chart, and fingers crossed you will be able to find the perfect fabric.

Looking forward to all your wips, your stitching is wonderful

Lija said...

Stitching looks good, hope you get page 3 finished soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh how wonderful that you will be starting Tamlin, I will looooove to see your work on it =)
Your work on Cathedral looks wonderful and the new charts you got are beautiful =)

SoCal Debbie said...

I'm glad you're starting Tamlin so soon! It will look lovely framed in three pieces. Great progress on Cathedral! Knock at the Door is incredible. Good luck finding a giant piece of 25 ct fabric!

♥ Nia said...

Enjoy your vacation!!! I hope you'll have a great time and you'll be back with lots of news to share with us :D

Maureen said...

what a gorgeous choice for your olympic new start - just stunning!

Ewa said...

I think you did an AMAZING job on Cathedral in such a short time, too! Also, the chart you got is absolutely breathtaking! And I thought my newest Thomas Cole (Golden Kite) was big! (105 pages) - how many pages is KatD? Hope you're enjoying your vacation!