Monday, August 13, 2012

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That

Warning - This post contains a bunch of pictures and not much stitching! :)

I am officially back from vacation and hating it!!   That first day back to reality is such a bummer.....

This post is going to jump around a lot (I have so much to share!) so put your seatbelt on and enjoy the bumpy ride!

First off.......Friday, my hubby and I celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary.  FIFTEEN years!?  Where does all the time go!?  

Here's a picture of us wayyyy back then:

Now that I've shared that bit of news, here are some pictures of my babies taken at Deer Valley in Park City, Utah.  We attended a gorgeous wedding there on Saturday for my cousin.


Kella (and daddy)
 The weather was WONDERFUL....nice and sunny during the day and at night it was cool and calm.   I might need to consider moving back to Utah   :)

Let's see..... before I left for my time off, I had decided on an Olympic HAED start.  While on vacation, I found bits and pieces of stitching time (very tiny bits!) and here is a picture of my progress:

I was able to get a half page completed...barely!   Hoping to get more time on it this week and weekend.

Now for the best part of today's post.....gifties!

While I was away I was blessed with some wonderful gifts from stitching friends!   I truly believe that if everyone in the world stitched, we'd be one happy planet full of people.  Stitchers are the nicest peeps I know!

Lesleyanne of Lesleyanne's Life of Stitches sent me the dreamy HAED chart of Ten Suns by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law:

I am so in love with SPML's work...and I just love the colors in this piece.  THANK YOU again, Lesleyanne!!

I was also gifted this gorgeous chart from Michelle, a fellow stitcher I met on one of the HAED Facebook groups.  This chart is QS Seasons 2 by Nadia Strelkina:

She tried sending it to me anonymously, but I wouldln't be able to sleep not knowing who the generous soul was who sent this!  Luckily I figured it out and was able to properly thank her.

I was also sent this lavish hand dyed silk fiber from Ewa at Cross Stitch and Other Musings:

The picture doesn't do the colors of this silk has a combination of hues of purples and blues.  I already have some ideas of how I want to use it.  I've never indulged in silks before so I'm excited to use this!   Thank you for spoiling me, Ewa! 

All these fantabulous gifts....what is a girl to do but grin from ear to ear!?   :)

I know we had a WIPocalypse update due the first of this month, but I'm so behind .....I've decided to skip that one and post an update at the end of the month.  (Since this month has two Full Moon dates, I'm ok with skipping one of them!)

I also changed my rotation/task list a bit.   I have one piece I really need to get done in time to be framed for Christmas and I'd also like to get more progress done on the other charts I I've PROMISED myself no new starts until the end of the year....when I plan to start Knock at the Door by Aimee Stewart

While on vacation I purchased all the necessary floss for the chart, so now I just need some fabric and I'll be set to begin in November or December.  (I could resist on buying the was on sale for only $0.23 per skein!)

Sooooooo.....sorry for such a long post... two weeks is a long time to fit into one post! 

Once I get settled back into reality and also get some laundry done...I'll be able to sit back and catch up on your  blogs!!



Jennifer M. said...

Welcome back home Lesli. Glad to hear you had a nice time away and got some nice gifties. :)


Katie said...

I hate the feeling of coming back from vacation too. Hope you get back into the swing of things quickly.

Wow girl some beautiful RAKs. You deserve them. You are so sweet! Thank you again for RAKing me.

Good luck with the not starting anything new. I know I couldn't do that...I can't wait for my new start Friday of the HAED you gave me.

Valma said...

welcome back Lesli
I understand how you can feel :(
but your mailbox was full of great things to give you smile =D
Super gifts you had
you're all wonderful on the pictures !
happy stitching

cucki said...

welcome back home lesli :)
glad to hear that you had a fun time and got lovely gifts.
big hugs xxx

Melinda said...

Congrats on 15 years that is wonderfully amazing. Your babies are too cute.

Change is good, looking forward to your WIPS, as your stitching is beautiful

Linda said...

What a beautiful wedding picture and location. Congrats on all the nice gifts.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Sorry to hear your return to reality is a bit of a shock, that will be me next week!

Congratulations on you anniversary!

That's a great new star and what wonderful gifts! Silk n, colors is one of my favorite threads!!!

SoCal Debbie said...

Congrats on your 15 years! Your children are beautiful. You received such wonderful HAED charts and gorgeous silk floss. Nice!

Ewa said...

Oh, YOU - it's just a little silk, honestly not a big deal. Especially considering all you do for everyone, you deserve to be spoiled! That's a lovely picture of you and your husband - you are so beautiful and hubby looks handsome ;) I hope you enjoyed your vacation!

♥ Nia said...

It's hard to get back :p but for us it's great to have your post again!! :D hehehehe
Ohhhh and what a welcome you had! Great gifts :D
Happy Anniversary to you and your DH!! :)

Lesleyanne said...

Welcome back. Glad you had a great vacation - lovely pictures. Happy Anniversary. Great new stash. Glad you like the one I sent. Great new start.

Anne said...

Your wedding photo is beautiful as are you two!! We just got back from our anniversary trip and didn't want to go back to reality either. I feel ya! Lovely new charts you were gifted! Nice progress too!