Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January IHSW and TUSAL

I felt like I got a good amount of stitching done this IHSW...and then I realized that I added in an extra day. Since Monday was a holiday from work, I sort of counted Monday into my stitching too! (sorry about that!)

My results:

The Wedding before (this was a new start):

The Wedding after:

Cathedral before (was working on the rest of page 5):

Cathedral after (finished page 5 and 6 and started page 7):

And my ever so late, January TUSAL:

My son made me an adorable "Perler cup" for my ORTs, but they were kind of difficult to see, so I tossed them into a jar for a better view.   (info on how to make a perler cup can be found here)

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my projects!


Monday, January 14, 2013

ORTs and Coffee

My first official post for 2013...and it's all over the place! :)

First off....ORTs!!  (Old raggedy threads)   What did everyone do with their ORT jar from 2012?   I took a picture of how full mine was, and I just couldn't bear to toss them...so I put them to good use!

My pretty ORTs in my vase (I put a votive candle next to it so you could tell the size of the vase):

I stitched a little pillow and stuffed it full of all the colorful strands....

And voila....my finished little 2012 ORT pillow!!  I used a scrap of dyed fabric and some DMC variegated floss and searched through various ABC books and this is what I came up with.

Guess I'm starting a new tradition of ORT pillows!!

Now for the....coffee!!  Among all my wonderful Christmas gifts this year, my hubby gave me a Keurig (K-cup) coffee maker.

It's one of those things I'd never get for myself, because I'm the only one that drinks coffee.  But OH MY GOSH....I LOVE THIS THING!!  I can't imagine how I lived without it before!!

It came with a sample of coffee flavors, and hubby gave me another box of samples too.  My new favorite is, Golden French Toast!  The kitchen smells like maple syrup each time I brew it...sooo yummy!!

So, question for any of you that have a K-cup maker...what are your favorite flavors, and why?  I'm on the hunt to try some new ones (because I'm obsessed with coffee now!) and I'd love to hear some suggestions!

Oh right...this is a stitchy blog, isn't it? 
Some of my latest progress pictures, not in any particular order because it's been so long since I posted any updates!

Middle Earth, Day 14:

QS Nostlagy (HAED Bulletin Board SAL), Day 6:

Paradise Found, Day 4:

Think I need to have a giveaway soon....I'm feeling the itch!   :)