Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Epic Stitching Giveaway!

Mel, from Epic Stitching is a complete sweetheart and sent me one of her beautiful bracelets!!  (She posted about them on her blog and I asked her some questions about what they are made of...and *poof*...just like that, she sends me one!)

I am SO IN LOVE with it!!

Some pictures:

Close up...look at the purty colors!

those veins in my hand look weird, don't they?

My daughter Kella asks me everyday, "Mommmmm, where is mine!?"

And if you're wondering..... "Where is yours!?"  ..... you can check out Mel's Etsy shop and pick one, or two or three out!   (I've already chosen another one for me and of course, the one for Kella)

Here's a sneak peek of some of the pretties she sells:

While I was checking out her shop, I thought to myself., "Why not give one away too!"

So without further ado...adieu?.... anyway.... let's give one away!

How to enter:
Post a response with the following info:
  • The name of the bracelet you'd like from her Etsy Shop
  • Your wrist size (inches or cm)
  • Your email address (so I can contact you if you win!)

I'll draw a winner sometime on Monday, May 28th....and they'll win whichever bracelet they named!

p.s. - If you haven't already, check out her stitching blog Epic Sitching!  She won the HAED contest in December where she gets a free chart each month...I LOVE checking out what she's chosen!



lynda said...

What pretty bracelets! I would love a chance to win one...hard to choose just one, but I like the kimihomo silk one...standard size is fine. thanks so much for the link to this shop...I see some gift shopping in my future!

Anonymous said...

too many to choose from - anything not pink. standard size. :)

Veronica said...

How nice of Mel to send you one. Her bracelets sure are pretty. How can I pick one? :o Well, if I really, really must, Purple and White Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet tops my list :) It's so sparkly ^.^ 7 inches would be the perfect bracelet length for me. I have small wrist. My email is on my profile :)


Ewa said...

Ohmigosh lesli, you're so generous! Let me think... I love both the hematite beaded or the hematite and stone - I'll leave it up to you! My wrist is just over 6 inches. Also you're a goddess. I know you've got my email, especially since I'm so terrible at responding!


Lesleyanne said...

What lovely bracelets. I would love to be entered to win the Hermatite Beaded Stretch Bracelet. It is the perfect size for my wrist. Thanks for the opportunity.

Gizzimomo said...

Ooooo such pretties.... what to choose? I really like the Kumihimo Silk Fibre Bracelet Jewellery Grey, Blue & Purple, 7 inch wrist size. A very generous giveaway, thank you!


♥ Nia said...

Wow! Those bracelets are gorgeous!!! :D
Please, count me in for your giveaway!! :D
how to pick only one!! :p hummm... I really like 'Unique Kumihimo Bracelet made with Satin Rattail Cord' simple and pretty :)

Valma said...

What a funny giveaway =D
It was very kind from Mel to send you one of her lovely bracelet, I can understand why your daughter is asking for hers =D
Please count me in too
I love the Sparkly Burgandy Kumihimo Bracelet and the Kumihimo Unique Recycled Yarn Bracelet - Red and Pink
So lovely
big hugs

Melinda said...

You are so wonderfully generous.

Amy said...

If the Diamond beaded white and purple can be properly sized, I would love that one. If not, then the purple and white beaded Kumihimo bracelet. I have a small wrist- 6inches around. Thank you for the opportunity!

Anonymous said...

Pick m Pick me. Pick me. Lol. I know I know... You use a random # generator, but it was a try. LoL. The bracelets are awesome! Count me in. I like the blue one u have pictured with the beads. And I have no idea what size. I little larger than a wrist watch. :). Miss you!! I'm posting as anonymous only because I can't remember my account name :(