Cathedral Window

My first quilt adventure on my new sewing machine!!

I've decided to make a Cathedral Window Quilt.   Amy Gibson of Stitchery Dickory Dock posted an adorable tutorial for a smaller baby playmat version here but I'll be making a much larger version!

My progress:

12/30/2011 - All the lovely fabric I have to choose from!

01/01/2012- Cut out all my circles....420 out of fabric and 210 out of batting!

01/15/2012- Have all my circles sewn and turned right side out (whew!)

01/16/2012- Used the wall to try to place the pattern I wanted all my circles sewn in.  I still ended up with some material too close to each other....but oh well! :)

01/18/2012 - Started sewing some rows of circles together.....I think it's turning out beautifully!

02/15/2012 - Finished!  :)   Soooooo happy with the final product!  I LOVE IT!  

Fits perfectly on our king size bed!

Close-up of the "windows"  I love how the pattern turned out!