Angel of Hope

I'm getting things prepped for my latest project, Angel of Hope by Lavender & Lace.  This is a Christmas gift, so I have to get moving on it soon!!

Picture from package

I found this really pretty 14count linen-like aida cloth. 
I don't normally use 14 count but I loved the fabric so much I had to get it!

My attempt to thread gridlines in.  It is taking longer than I had planned, but I'm thinking it will be well worth my time.

11/01/2011 - First wing complete

11/03/2011 - Started working on the angel's face

11/05/2011 - Wing #2 almost complete!

11/14/2011 - Some sleeves and the start of her dress ribbon  (and a harp!)

11/18/2011 - Was able to get some stiching in through this week.  Hoping to get more in over this weekend!  This pretty angel is about half-way done!

12/09/2011 - Not as far along as I would have liked, at this point in December...... I WILL finish this year! :)
12/20/2011 - Bottom section of her dress is underway. 

12/24/2011- She is to get her framed.

 Finally got her framed!