So I decided to try working on more than one piece at a time...... we'll soon see if I regret that decision.

Along with my Cathedral project, I'm putting everything together for the free design from Heaven and Earth Designs, Coral by Brigid Ashwood

This work will be done on 22 count Hardanger using 2 floss over 1, full crosses.  My first attempt on something smaller than 18 count.

Here's an image:

So far I have all my floss

And I've started my gridding
11/08/2011 - Gridding has begun!

11/12/11 - Ready for some stitching!

11/13/2011- Finally a brief start!  I was too impatient to wait.

My work looks so tiny on 22 count!

11/15/2011- A little bit more done.  I'm really enjoying my first HAED!
From far away, it doesn't look like much...yet!

11/23/2011 progress

This is about 3500 x's!!  10% done!
11/25/2011 - Page 1 is over halfway done!

11/27/2011 - I just can't get page 1 done!  :(
01/09/2012- That first page is slowly but surely getting there!

02/07/2012 - Page 1 is complete and I've started on page 2!

02/15/2012 - Page 2 is moving right along!

02/20/2012 - Just about halfway there!






Finished!  04/05/2012

04/14/2012- Framed and given to my sister in law, Lisa