Japanese Maiden

I'm working on this stitch as a birthday or Christmas gift for my mother.  I started it on July 14th and have been working on it off and on ever since. 

My progress:

07/14/2011- The beginning

07/18/2011 - Finally some color!

08/21/2011- After 1 month of work
09/05/2011- Starting on the background

09/18/2011- Two months have gone by.  The back circle is about done!

09/23/2011- Working on the four corners

10/01/2011- Four corners almost done.  Now to fill in the white and gold....then the dreaded backstitching!!

10/05/2011- Filling in the white and gold (and any missed stitches!)

There you have it!  I'll add pictures as I go.  I'm hoping to have this finished in the next few weeks!!

Not quite finished like I had hoped, but closer to the finish line!  :)

Some updated pictures:

10/16/2011- filling in the gold stitching on the kimono

10/16/2011- Her kimono is almost completely filled in!

10/22/2011- Bottom left-hand corner

Bottom right-hand corner

10/23/2011 - Flowers next to maiden

10/30/2011 - Upper right hand corner close up

10/30/2011 - Upper right hand corner close up

10/31/2011 - Close up of the tassle and backstitching on her kimono

10/31/2011 - All Done!   Off to be framed.  Yay!  :)
11/18/2011 - Finally framed!  Snapped a picture then took it to UPS to have it boxed up and delivered to my mom....just in time for her birthday <whew!>