Monday, April 23, 2012

My Late April TUSAL and My On-time IHSW Update

I'm I waited to combine my TUSAL and IHSW update together!

My April TUSAL:

I found the cute birdie material as a remnant...only cost me $0.25 for 1/3 of a yard!   I'll make something with it....eventually...right? :)

What a wonderful weekend I had!  I spent most of Saturday with girlfriends...with the intent of working on my stitching, but of course I spent more time snacking on the yummy goodies everyone brought, watching movies and chit-chatting it up!  I did manage to get a few X's in......but the bulk of my weekend stitching was done on Sunday.  I also did some shopping at some craft stores and  I found an outrageous deal on these Thomas Kinkade Disney kits!

I've seen these before, and they are usually around $40....but I think these 2 were mismarked at $8.99!  Only the Tinkerbell and Pinocchio ones were at this price.....but I had some 50% off I got them for $4.50 each!  My niece is working on the Cinderella chart so I'll give these to her to add to her collection.

I worked on 2 pieces for IHSW, my LHN piece Nature's Beauty and also a small HAED piece that I'm doing for someone special that is also in I won't post those updates until I'm done and have given it to her.

Here's my IHSW update for Nature's Beauty:



This means I get to mark off task #6 from my rotation schedule!!  I started into task #12 and just might finish it off finish off the entire piece.  

What else did I do this weekend?  Why.....I took part in the HAED half off coupon sale...of course!!!  

I know some of you out there did too!!  If you did....what did you get?   

I decided to keep my purchase small....I already have so many charts I've purchased and a good handful of them are already kitted up and ready to go!!   So I only purchased 3 ....I'm such a good girl (though, the coupon is good until the 24th!)

I just had to get Middle husband glanced over my shoulder one day when I was reading through blogs and he saw the WIPs Ewa of which is Middle Earth.   He then shouted, "I want you to stitch that next!"    He also threw in a, "I'll help you on it, I'll do some pages and you do the looks like there are only 5 or 6 shades of brown, right"?    Right honey.....5 or 6 .........  I will probably never get to it, at least not anytime soon.  But I bought it just in case it became retired.

Here's a pic of it:

I also purchased 2 charts from SPML's tarot series.   I've always wanted to finish a piece for mine and my husband's zodiac signs, but I haven't found one that I liked for both of us that were from the same artist.   But...I ran across a tarot site that tells you your tarot card based on your date of birth, so I entered ours in and mine is the Queen of Swords and my hubby's is the Knight of Swords....and you know what...I LOVE both of these charts by SPML, so ka-ching....I bought them!

Knight of Swords:

Queen of Swords:

This of course gave me the opportunity to let my husband know that I'm the QUEEN and he's just the Knight :)

If anyone is interested in looking their tarot card up, here's the site I went to:  Raven's Tarot Site

I'm starting to get a non-cross stitchy I'm thinking after I finish Nature's Beauty I'll work on a quilt for my son, or some knitting/crocheting.... then come back to my cross stitch rotation plan.    This doesn't help me get more of my HAED's done, but it will help me make a dent in my crafting stash!

Sorry for such a long post.....hopefully I didn't put anyone to sleep for the start of the week!! 

Can't wait to play catch up today on everyone's blogs!



Lesley said...

You've done a lot on your ISHW, it's looking lovely.
I like the Thomas Kinkade kits. I should imagine they will be much sought after before too long.
Middle Earth is so cool and the Tarot designs are gorgeous. Happy stitching:)

Melinda said...

Clicked on your link for my tarot card... I had great fun reading, and have bookmarked for later - thanks so much for sharing. Love the HAED's your purchased, haven't decided quite yet - time is running out, so must do quickly. Love your work.

demeter83 said...

I'm loving the new charts, I'm still debating treating myself. I shouldn't, but that doesn't mean I wont.
And your stitching looks great as well!

Ewa said...

THAT'S SO AWESOME! I love the Thomas Kinkade Disney charts - I've been lusting after them for a really long time - you always seem to find the best deals!

You will probably finish Middle Earth before me. The things we do for our men!

Love the tarot purchases! I'm the Page of Pentacles - also a beautiful chart. Maybe I'll get that one next!

Katie said...

Wow what an update. Let's see if I can reply to everything haha.

Love the fabric you found behind your TUSAL. Too cute. The Disney kits are very nice. Congrats on the deal. Wow what progress on your IHSW.

I didn't allow myself to get any HAEDs this time. I want to finish the two I have going. I do love the middle earth one. How many threads is really in it? The Tarot charts are very pretty too.

Enjoy your non stitchy break and get back and go crazy with those beautiful projects.

Linda said...

Nature's Beauty looks great Lesli. I have that one in my stash. Love the HAED's you chose. So wish I could stitch on higher count fabric. Oh well, I'll just watch everyone elses progress.
Congrats on the awesome price for the Disney kits. I have 3 of them and would like to get the other four.


SoCal Debbie said...

I love the bird fabric! What an awesome deal on the Disney kits! I'm still waiting until the last minute for HAED shopping. I might get one for the future, just because! I can't wait to watch your hubby's progress on Middle Earth! LOL

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress for IHSW. Look forward to seeing your HAED when you are able, although I didn't think there was such a thing as a Small HAED LOL. Your orts looks great. Lovely new kits for your niece. Great new HAEDs. I only brought two - both Santas.

Julie said...

Nice to see that you got load done for the hermit weekend.

Love your excuses for buying more charts (in case it retires):)Which are nice by the way.

Joysze said...

*shakes self awake* "Are we there yet?"

HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! I'm kidding!!!! I enjoyed reading this post. :D Those Kinkade Disney kits... what a terrific steal, Lesli!!!!

You got a LOT done on Nature's Beauty.... love the colors of the flowers in there.

I snickered at your Tarot cards.... you tell him, sister friend!! Hehehehe.

Bea said...

I really love the colours in Nature's Beauty.

Anne said...

Love that fabric your TUSAL jar is sitting in front of!! Great progress on Nature's Beauty!! Loads of great charts too!!!

♥ Nia said...

Wow!! Great progress :D

Meari said...

Great stashing! Especially on those disney kits. I am so jealous! I would've snatched them up, too.

Mangogirl said...

5-6 ... hmmm more like 70! There are a lot of browns!

Also I love your cool deal on the disney charts!

and beautiful stitching :D