Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Hump Day!!

(For anyone who is thinking, "what the heck is Hump Day?"..... Definition:  The middle of a work week (Wednesday); used in the context of climbing a proverbial hill to get through a tough week.)

Only a few more days until the weekend....and it is an IHSW no less!  I also have a crafting "girl's day" planned for Saturday, so here's hoping I have some hard work to show on Monday!

I finally brought Coral home from being framed.  I was so quick to give it to my sister in law, I completely forgot to snap a good picture.  I snapped a quick one at her home, but it's not the greatest (ignore my reflection in the glass!).  I love how it turned out....the frame is so beautiful!

This past weekend was Prom for my step-son Brandon.   Here's a quick picture of him and his girlfriend.

They look so darn cute together, don't they?

I did manage to get some stitching in this weekend, but not nearly as much as I had hoped for!  I wanted to get task #4 done from my rotation schedule, which was to complete Page 2 of Cathedral.   Unfortunately, that didn't even come close to happening!  I did manage to finally complete it last night!   Here's a full picture, it's so HUGE!   (lighting was was 1am when I snapped this picture!):

 And here is a closer look at just pages 1 and 2 (in daylight!):

I'm fnally able to make out the tree!!  The first page felt like blobs of green and gray everywhere...I couldn't tell what I was stitching!

I had a few folks ask me about the charts I recently kitted up, when I went through my piles and piles of floss!  I completely forgot to share that information, so here are some pictures of what I have ready and waiting to go!

Heaven and Earth 2012
Checkmate - for my son Sebastian
A Princess is Born - for my daughter Kella

Moonlight Immersion - gift for someone special figure out an updated rotation plan to get some of these started!

Hope everone is having a wonderful "middle of the week" and you have grand plans for this weekend!


p.s. - Did I mention there is another floss sale this week?   $0.25 per DMC skein?  Why do they do this to me!?   <sigh>  I'll probably end up buying floss for yet another chart!!   :)


Lesleyanne said...

Coral looks absolutely stunning framed. Great new HAEDs ready and waiting. I think you definitely should kit up another chart for DMC at $0.25 a skein.

SoCal Debbie said...

The stitching on Cathedral looks fantastic! The mat and frame for Coral look perfect! Have fun starting all your new HAEDs!

Ewa said...

The framing on Coral is amazing! Great choices there! Cathedrals is looking so wonderful, can't wait to see more of it. It's so exciting when you start to get details! Can't wait to see your new HAED starts! You're a super speedy stitcher!

Lesley said...

Wow. Coral looks gorgeous framed,Lesli.
What a lovely photo of your step son and his girlfriend:)
I love the charts you have kitted up,especially no.2
Looking forward to seeing all these.

Melinda said...

I also have looked at my floss stash to see what I need, I can't walk away from a $0.25 sale. Love all your choices for your next one, especially Checkmate

Chelle said...

Absolutely stunning, Lesli! Can you have your sister take a picture and send it to you? I love what you did with it.

Do you only do HAEDs? I find that I need to go back to the larger count because it's so hard to see the little tiny stitches. I will be posting mine on Claudette's page soon. I hope to do a little more work on it first.

I love everything you're going to do! So pretty!

Veronica said...

Gorgeous framing, Lesli. That frame is just perfect for Coral. What a cute couple your stepson and his gf is. Wow, that's a lot of kitted up projects :)


Katie said...

The frame is perfect. Your Step son looks fantastic! Congrats on your HAED progress. It's beautiful. That is the hard part of HAED...getting to something you can see you are stitching. I love the new HAEDs you kitted up. Of course the two dragons are my favorite haha.

Linda said...

Wow Lesli. All those HAED's. Good luck with them. Your framed piece is gorgeous. And great progress on Cathedral.


Anonymous said...

loving Coral, I have Hannah's Princess born but still not printed off, need more time to stitch, I have awarded your blog an award too, at www.weestitchy,com
sorry having to sign in with my other blog as for some reason when i sign in on my wordpress account it wont let me comment.

♥ Nia said...

Coral looks gorgeous on that frame :)
Cute couple! I hope they had a great party :D

Joysze said...

Coral is beautifully framed, Lesli! :D

Cathedral is looking amazing too.

Mangogirl said...

coral is beautiful framed!! stunning!