Friday, June 1, 2012

A Gift and a MyMemories Giveaway

Yesterday I was blessed with a beautiful gift in my mailbox!!   Nia from Caixinha de Pirlimpimpim spoiled me with a beautiful hand stitched card and a souvenir from her home, Portugal!

Look at how cute this card is!   And he's holding my favorite flowers...tulips!!!   She also included her adorable business cards....that look just like her blog, isn't that little girl the cutest?

My Portugal souvenir is this handpainted Rooster of Barcelos.  He is a legend/symbol in Portugal and there are many different versions of the history and story of him, one of which you can find here.  

This gift just brightened up my week!  We've had nothing but rain and thunderstorms all week, the tail end of the tropical storm I suppose...and this little rooster and card brought sunshine to my eyes.   Isn't Nia just a doll!?  


So let's seems I'm doing more giving away than I am stitching...hahahaha...which is fine by me because it is FUN!!

The folks at My Memories, a digital scrapbook software company offered me a download of their software along with a download to give away to one of you!! 

Now I'm sure you're thinking...what the heck do you do with a digital scrapbook?

If any of you are like have folders and folders of pictures saved somewhere on your laptop, your smart phone...maybe even still on your camera!!   Believe me, I LOVE the art of scrapbooking itself...but I just don't find I have the time to get any of it done (I blame my stitching!) this is a fantabulous alternative!

The beauty of this software is that you can create lovely scrapbook pages, even books....quickly and easily!   You can save them for yourself, use individual images to load elsewhere or create scrapbooks to send to others (my parents live out of town, so this was perfect to make a quick book of pictures to share with them of the kiddos!)

When I say's a sample that I put together in about 10 minutes (my first try, so now that I have the hang of it, it goes quicker!)

They offer pre-created layouts, but also allow you to create your own!   I picked out all the cut outs, the paper colors/textures and just popped the images in (you can zoom in/out and crop them with their software too!)

They have nine...NINE pages of free themed kits you can download once you have their main software loaded!   A themed kit means you can download templates for holidays, occasions, name it! for the giving away part!  :)

I'll be giving away a free download of their software (once you have it loaded, you can get all those free kits too!) to one of's how you enter:

  • Be a follower of my blog
  • Visit their MyMemories site and post a comment that includes the name of one of their kits and tell me why you like that kit
  • Include your email address so I can contact you
Easy Peasy!!

Giveaway ends at midnight EST on Friday, June 8th....and I'll use Mr. Random Generator to pick out a winner!

Also, they've offered all of you a $10 off code for case you want to buy before I draw a name, or if your name isn't drawn

Just enter this code when you check out:   STMMMS17078
You'll receive $10 off the software, and the purchase will also come with a $10 coupon to buy kits!



sharine said...

The card is so cute!

Lesley said...

What a lovely gift and card from Nia,Lesli :)

This is a fun giveaway.Have just been across to My Memories,what pretty kits they have. I love the seasons one because it is so colourful and a seasons theme could be used in so many different ways.
Hope you have a great weekend:)

Lija said...

A very lovely card! Good luck to those entering. I think I might have to abstain from this. I have promised my barely functioning Royal Pain of a computer I won't add any more software before properly cleaning it.

Yana Hanim said...

cute card and that rooster reminded me of NANDOS chicken with peri peri sauce :)

My fave is Fashion Craft, simple and elegant :)

♥ Nia said...

Such a sweet post =)

I never know how to call that little guy, cock or rooster! Never know what's the right word in english because I don't know the difference between cock and rooster! hehehe
Yeap! that story is about right ;)

ohhh I loved to read your email just when I was starting my day :D You gave me a hugeeeeeeeeee smile, I'm happy to know that my little package made you smile that much too!! :D
a hug of the size of the world to you!!! :D

Valma said...

I love to learn more everyday about my friends traditions, countries...I love blogosphere =)
You received great gifts from Nia, and thank you for sharing the history of the rooster !
that's great, I love =)
Big hugs

Veronica said...

What a colourful and cute rooster. Very cool! :)


Stitching Noni said...

Such a sweet gift from the lovely Nia - the card is adorable and I love the rooster! We have a white one at home which we bought before I "met" Nia. Must have been fate because I now have a friend in Portugal :o)
Have been to the My Memories website for a quick look-see and my favourite would have to be either Vintage Rose or Kitty and Tweet. I love the colours in the Vintage Rose and kitty.. because I love kitties! So many gorgeous ones on the site. Lovely giveaway :o) My email address is part of my profile.
Hugs xx