Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Happy Tuesday!  I am LOVING this fall weather in Florida!!  It probably won't last long, so I'll need to enjoy it while I can.  Another week of work, but also another week to stitch........
As I'm wrapping up the project I'm working on, I'm getting the itch to start my new one!  To pacify myself, I'm getting things "prepped" on my Angel of Hope work, so I'll have it all ready to go!

One of the things I'm prepping are....Gridlines!!!    I've never used them on my work before, but from what I've read they come in handy and help decrease mistakes and frogging.

I've seen other's post their WIP pictures with gridlines, some are drawn with non-permanent marker and others mark theirs with thread. 
I wonder if there are other ways out there I haven't come across?
I decided to go with using thread.  I'm sewing a 6-up and 4-down pattern, to create my 10-count squares.  It's a grueling process so far, but if it pays off in the end I'll be happy!!

Here's what my work looks like so far:

Hoping to get some stitching time in today after work!

p.s. - I have 1 follower!!  Love my hubby :)



Cross Stitch Queen said...

You are too funny with the one follower. LOL. Now I am a follower too.

I started blogging almost 5 years ago. The first 4 years I barely totalled 57 followers. It is just this year that I started getting serious about blogging because it is a way to share lots of stitchng. Love to have many followers because then I can see their crafting too.

Good luck with your gridding and blog. You're off to a fine start!

Happy stitching,

lesli said...

Thank you for the positive feedback!! It helps to know I won't have hundreds of followers overnight! I just didn't want to feel like I was sitting her typing to myself like a crazy woman!!

Thanks for joining!!

Happy Stitching to you as well...can't wait to read your updates!!!