Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Home Stretch.......

My Japanese Maiden is almost done!! The back stitching has been brutal for me though. For some reason I don't enjoy the back stitching portion of a project nearly as much as the rest of the work!!
I can say though, that I love the results and how much the back stitching adds depth to my design. It is just so grueling!!

Here's my updates:

Bottom left-hand corner

Bottom right-hand corner

Flowers along side of maiden

I had hoped to be done with this one by now...I'm ITCHING to start my Angel of Hope and my HAED project!!

My parents are coming for a visit this Friday and will be here for 2 weeks!  We're all so excited to see them!!   Not sure how much stitching time I'll get in, so my next update might be delayed.

Next year I need to plan ahead better and allow myself some time to stitch some cute Halloween items.  I see them on everyone's blogs and get so jealous!

Hope to be back here soon......



Bekca said...

That's the problem with backstitching, it's looks great but is so tiresome to do. This piece is looking wonderful, not too long till a finish!
Best wishes to you.

Anonymous said...

Your back stitching is looking great. I love that part the best. I don't know why but I do.

Have fun with your parents!

lesli said...

Thank you both!

Carolyn - You need to open up a "back-stitching" business! I know I'd send my projects your way!

Anonymous said...

Now to find a great frame.

Lauren - Ambitious Stitches said...

Looking so good!! I told ya, I'll do your back-stitching if you'll do all the metallics on mine =)

I took a picture of your work that was in the fair (with your big ribbon on it!) It's up over at my blog. It looked so great!

I'm with you on the Halloween projects -- by the time I realize I want to do one Halloween is already too close for me to be able to display it if I ever did finish it.

Lesley said...

Lovely stitching on a beautiful design. I have just seen another of your lovely pieces on Ambitious Stitches blog. Congrats on being best overall :)
and thank you for 'following' me too.

lesli said...

Thanks for taking the picture for me, Lauren!! I had no idea they were going to enter it until after it was in! :) Such a great surprise!!

Lesley - thank you! I love looking through your blog and your the pinkeep with the colour changes! I keep intending to try thread like that but can never decide what pattern it would work best with.