Thursday, November 3, 2011

One one started!

My Japanese Maiden project is COMPLETE! 

Here's an image of the final product:

She's a little wrinkled, but it will all be pressed and stretched out after she's framed.

Those little tassels on her kimono and on the fan were a P A I N !!    I almost gave up on them, but I'm glad I finally got them done.  You can see my journey of a little over 3 months of work on this project here,  I have more close up pictures of the 4 corners and the back stitching.

I have been able to get a start on my Angel of Hope while my family is in town visiting.  Lounging around with them has allowed me to stitch a little as well.  My progress:

Finished one of the angel's wings. 

Close up of her
This is my first stitch using "gridlines"....and I'm loving it!  It is definitely worth the time I spent getting all those lines in there!

Have you heard the news!?   I have THIRTEEN followers!!    I'm so close to twenty that I'm beaming!

I've started thinking through what I have in my stash to put together for a give-away/contest.....  I'll post the contest and the items next week once my family is done visiting.  WOO!!  Maybe I'll break 25 before 2012 rolls around!! 

Thanks to the followers I all give such inspiration in your blogs and your work and I really appreciate the time you take to catch up on my posts and enter comments!!   Sending you all some online hugs!!



Lesleyanne said...

A beautiful finish and a great new start.

Lesley said...

Congratulations,this is a really beautiful design.I follow you on my blog but forgot to join here.. so I'm proud to be no 14 :):)

Bekca said...

Wow, what a stunning finish! Your new project looks beautiful too, happy stitching to you.

AmyJo said...

What an amazing finish !!!Congrats on such beautiful work :)