Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Shopping?

Black Friday?  For any followers who aren't familiar with this's my stab at an explanation.  Black Friday is the Friday following Thanksgiving.  It's the day that all of the retailers offer big specials and sales to start the Christmas shopping season.  I've seen other descriptions on why it was labeled "Black"....but the one I'll use is that it's the day that retailers are able to turn their books to black....meaning, they've been in the red all year for their budget and with all the sales they'll make on this day, they'll finally turn a profit. 

Anyway...... enough education! :)   I hope everyone was able to spend time with their friends and family on the Thanksgiving holiday.  And if you don't celebrate this day, I still hope you spent time with friends and family! 

Did any of you go shopping today and brave the crazy crowds of people?  There were people at local stores here that have been camping out in tents for days, waiting for the sales!   I completely can't figure out why they'd do it, but to each his own.....and if any of you did go shopping, I'd love to hear about your adventures!

While all the hustle and bustle goes on around town, I'm inside with my family....watching movies and.....STITCHING!

Here's what my two current WIPs look like now.....and hopefully I can post an update on Monday with some major progress over the next 3 days!

I haven't worked on Angel of Hope since the last update I posted, but here's a picture of what she still looks like....I'd love to get her done before December starts!

And this is what Coral looks like today.  If I can just get page 1 done over this weekend, then I can focus the rest of the month on Angel.

And a close-up:

Has anyone joined the 2012 WIPocalypse that's being run by Measi?  I joined and I'm starting to put my list of projects together in my head.  What is the WIPocalypse?  Starting in January, you'll post a list of all the projects/pieces you want to finish by the end of the year.  You can adjust that list, add/delete, throughout the don't think you have to have set items now.  Then, on every Full Moon, you post your progress photos, even if there's no progress to your site and update Measi.  The best part - for each Full Moon that you post an update, your name goes into the giveaway drawing that she'll be having on New Year's Day, 2013!  Visit Measi's blog for more info and to sign up! 

Now just prior to Turkey day, I was so happy to see that I had 56 followers!  What a surprise to find that over just a few days I'm already up to 84!  That items for the giveaway!  For getting to 65 and 75, I'm adding 2 new items to each of my drawings.

New items for my main drawing:
Cute holiday gift card kit

3 skeins of DMC cotton floss - your choice of colors (winner can let me know what they need!)

And new items for my additional drawing:

22 count fabric in rust - 12"x12"

Janlynn's Chart - Celestial.  The picture is small.. a beautiful image of the sun/moon, planets and all of the signs

I know I've stated it before....but I'll say it again :)   Thank you to all my followers!   I love seeing all the work/updates you post to your blogs and I sincerely appreciate when you take the time to read my updates and post.  I look forward to getting to know all of you!



♥ Nia said...

I'm from Portugal, no Thanksgiving or Black Friday around here! But I know what it is and for me... black is for crazy people!! LOL I've seen pics and videos on the web, oh my!! :p
Can't wait to see more on you Coral stitching!! :)
Enjoy your weekend :D

Measi said...

Hi Lesli - thanks for joining the Wipocalypse. I've added your blog to my follow feed and to the signup list. I look forward to seeing your progress!

Thanksgiving was quiet for me and my husband, but we're off tonight for a weekend with friends and the whole turkey dinner. I avoid Black Friday at all costs - my sanity is more valuable than a sale.

Happy stitching!

Katie said...

Hello Lesli. My thanksgiving gift was a bad head cold. I was definitely not planning on any Black Friday shopping. Then unfortunately one of our pet guinea pigs died. So after a good cry from my son and me we knew we needed to go get another one. Anyway long story short I ended up going out and shopping to get the new critter which ended up being 2. For crying out loud I've made this lengthy haha.

Besides all my long winded junk I wanted to say your WIPs look fantastic. I went and signed up for the WIPocalypse and love that idea haha. I look forward to your next update.

Patches said...

Love angel of hope.

I try to go out shopping on black friday but no money this year. I always went with my nana when I was younger so the day holds so many pleasant memories for me.

Wagapapa said...

Hi Lesli!

I didn't know why Black Friday was called like that, thanks for the explanation. :D

Here in Spain, a chain of stores have done Black Friday's offers this year for the first time but I took the advantage of Black Friday to order some t-shirts at threadless and some xbox games at zavvi :D

Your stitching looks great, I love Angel of Hope, it's gorgeous. Your adds for the giveaway are fantastic.

Have a good day!

lesli said...

Nia - it is for crazy people! :)
Measi - Hope your weekend with your friends was wonderful!!
Katie - Oh no...I'm so sorry to hear he one guinea pig died. I read your post back when he was sick and was really hoping he'd pull through. I'll be visiting your blog to see pictures of the 2 new ones you got! Glad you signed up for the WIPocalypse too! :)
Patches - That is a wonderful memory with your nana...the bright side of black friday madness!
Wagapapa - I bought some xbox games too, only I did it online! So many stores are doing Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials that I didn't have to venture out into the madness!

Meari said...

Did not brave Black Friday. Thought about it, but didn't.

Veronica said...

I shopped online... Does that count? LOL! No Black Friday here as I'm in Malaysia but there were plenty of online sales :P Lovely stitching!


Patty C. said...

The fabric is too pretty ;)