Friday, March 16, 2012

Calling All Hermits!

Who's joining me in the IHSW that!?

I'm ready to go with Please My Wings Take Me Away <whew>!   Going to refer to it as Wings going forward.

Have my floss and gridding ready to go!

Have some time tonight I'll be stitching, but my Saturday is planned as a "date day" with my hubby.  Maybe I'll get some time in on Sunday as well.  

I'd really love to work on Coral I'm itching to get her finished.  But starting a new HAED is just too difficult for me to pass up!

This past weekend I worked on the LHN chart, Nature's Beauty.  Maybe I'll even work on this one a little this weekend too!! Here's an update on my progress:

If you have a chance, travel on over to my little giveaway

Have a happy stitchy weekend!

Oh...and don't forget some green beer tomorrow!  :)



Katie said...

I'm IHSWing with you haha. I'm also starting a new HAED. Good luck with yours!

Ewa said...

WOOOOOO a new HAED start! Can't wait to see it!

Mangogirl said...

Good luck with your new start :D

Beauty Bonnet said...

ohmygosh Lesli.. a HAED?! good luck.. i know you can do it! i don't think i could!
i forgot about IHSW.. ! can't wait to see your progress :)