Monday, March 26, 2012

Quick Crafty Update....before Midnight!

So my Monday has gotten away from me!  Midnight is creeping up on me and I have every intention on posting my weekend update BEFORE Tuesday hits!

I had a WONDERFULLY crafty weekend!!   In addition to crafts...hubby and I went plant/flower shopping and have a front and back garden full of flowers...Spring has officially sprung in the Daniels house!

Now on to bigger and better news.......

I can officially cross off the first two items on my "Rotation Schedule" Check-list!  <woooo!!!>  

My first item was to finish pages 4 and 7 of Coral, and here's how she looks:

Only 4 pages left to go!

 And my second item on my list was to finish page 1 of Wings:

It looks like a big huge block of light gray...but there are actually 3 colors in there!
I'm off and running on my third list item!

I also chipped away on my "yarn stash" by making some cute Spring Kitchen Towels.  I have tons of yarn I need to use up, and I found some kitchen towels I bought last Spring at a sale.  I also hit the craft store this weekend and bought a towel that was on sale for half off (I couldn't resist!)'s the results of my de-stashing:
My cotton yarn stash

My sale purchases

My Spring towel stash

And here is what I turned those into......

The two made from knitting

The two made from crocheting
 I'm very happy with the outcomes!   Now I have some cute towel sets to give to my sisters for Easter!

That's it!  Just a quick update before Tuesday lands on me!!   Hope everyone had a wonderful start to the week!



Lesleyanne said...

Congrats on achieving your goals. Both look gorgeous. Love your easter towels.

Lesley said...

Your towel sets are fantastic and Coral looks amazing

Bekca said...

The towel sets are adorable! So perfect!
Great progress on Coral too, she is looking stunning.

Sally said...

Everything looks lovely Lesli.

Chelle said...

Can you tell me how the grid works on your cross stitch? I think it's absolutely brilliant!

My husband had been trying to figure out how he could come up with a way to stamp the fabric with a grid just like that, something that would wash out when I was done, but obviously this way would work much better.

What kind of thread do you use and how many spaces are in between your long stitches?

Absolutely beautiful, by the way! I'm anxious to see what the wings design is!


Dana said...

Great job on Coral. I have gotten several HAED charts but haven't started them yet. I love the towels too. I wish I could crochet or knit!

Linda said...

Congrats on getting your pages. I love the towel toppers. Really cute.


Debbie said...

Well done! The cross stitch and towels both look wonderful!

sharine said...

The easter towels look to cute!

Bev C said...

Hello Lesli,

Wow, love your cross stitch progress. The towels are so cute,hope you are keeping one for yourself. Good luck with the plants you planted,sounds like a busy weekend.

Happy days.

Ewa said...

Oh lesli, that looks wonderful! You must have stitched like a maniac to finish all that! And the towels are adorable! :)

Joysze said...

Coral looks beautiful, Lesli! What cute towels, your sisters are going to love them. :D